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Elizabeth Husserl, M.A.

Financial Advisor & Wealth Manager

Elizabeth Husserl, M.A., is thought leader working at the intersection of financial, spiritual, and psychological health and well-being. Whether as a financial planner, wealth manager, mom, or wife she is committed to bridging personal self-awareness and sound financial planning. Over the last ten years, she has developed the nuanced concept that talking with money can bring radical change and leadership to people’s business and personal lives. Since 2012 she has worked at one of the largest independent planning firm in the Bay Area. A firm believer in the importance of depth, wealth, and advocacy, Elizabeth travels throughout the United States and internationally helping individuals, businesses, and families connect to the transformative power that exists within the tension between their unexamined emotions and deep-seated beliefs around money. www.conversationsmoney.com. www.elizabethhusserl.com.

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