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Lianne Bridges, MBA

Founder, Designing Transformation Productions

Lianne believes that when we connect to our life purpose we harness the power to transform worlds – starting with our own lives. She helps people to identify and fulfill their calling by offering them strategic business and leadership guidance. Her proprietary programs, creative writing, and inspiring talks and video presentations are designed for social entrepreneurs/change leaders who want to make a difference by doing what they absolutely love in alignment with their highest purpose and greatest potential.

After receiving classical business training at prestigious Canadian universities, Lianne worked in the corporate world for Unilever, Nabisco, United Technologies and other multinationals, as well as for the global not-for-profit Plan International organization. For the past eighteen years, Lianne has been an entrepreneur — starting and leading a variety of highly successful ventures.

She was left alone to raise her two small children after her husband died of cancer in 2009. This family heartbreak was a catalyst for her to rethink her life. She embraced the freedom/flexibility of becoming a social entrepreneur to be able to look after her sons and pursue the work she loved and would make a positive difference in the world.

Lianne began by drawing upon her experience in helping organizations to define their long-term vision and strategy. She has adapted the process by incorporating the wisdom and spiritual practices that guided her own life transformation into a social entrepreneur/change leader. As a result, she has a unique approach that helps others to discover and fulfill their true calling.

You can reach Lianne @ DesigningTransformation.com

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