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Tina Badakhshan

Self-awareness Practitioner

Tina has developed and studied self-awareness for over ten years by reading extensive literature on the subject, writing a blog (https://medium.com/@tinabadakhshan) and participating in leadership enhancement programs.

Born in Sweden to Iranian parents and raised in Orange County, Ca, Tina used self-awareness as a compass to navigate diverse cultural expectations and perspectives. Teaching middle and high schoolers in France and Nigeria and subsequently working in international development gave her opportunities to deeply connect with people in 15 countries and discover firsthand that the indispensability of self-awareness transcends borders. She also learned that the development of the skill is vastly unavailable to the majority of the world’s population.Through her current work in international development supporting executive leadership initiatives, she constantly explores ways to inform decisions at the strategic and tactical levels with self-awareness techniques, which she also applies to create effective training curricular.

Tina is currently in the startup phase of a community based self-awareness development venture leveraging technology to provide easy and inexpensive access to more people. She continues her exploration of the theory, practice, and application of this invaluable introspective skill with external results.She is plugged into communities that support this movement and constantly exchanges ideas with like-minded people. Years of straddling different cultures, careers and ways of being led her to discover how fundamental the intentional and systematic development of self-awareness continues to be to have authentic lives and a world that works for everyone.Tina’s startup will birth a movement that focuses on a holistic approach using technology to incorporate the intentional immersion of self-awareness starting at school with our youth. She firmly believes the world would be a better place if leaders in an increasingly globalized society understood, imbibed, and promulgated self-awareness systematically.

Tina lives and breathes self-awareness by regularly practicing methods she believes allow for the physical and mental space necessary to develop the skill, such as yoga, mindfulness/meditation, and journaling.

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